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Chainsaw Carving Exhibitions

Live chainsaw carving demonstrations add excitement to any event as the audience watches an ordinary log be transformed into a piece of art right before their eyes! Each show lasts less than an hour and results in a finished carving. Chad is fully insured and creates a fun, family friendly environment for your fair or festival. There are many show packages available all with the potential to pay for themselves. Contact us to learn more!

Stump Sculptures

Have a tree that needs to come down? Leave the stump and contract Chad to create a beautiful sculpture for your yard! Working with the client to create a design to fit any budget, Chad "tree-incarnates" stumps that would otherwise be ground and removed.

Custom Carvings

Have an idea you would like brought to life in sculpture? Chad can create anything your imagination can design. Contact us with your idea to get a quote today! 

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